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Installations - Page 2

We have experience in residential and commercial installations. EZ Systems of Atlanta does not subcontract our installation work. We believe that taking direct control of this phase is essential.

Home Theater

BEFORE - We are in the process of creating a stunning new home theater with a Lee Bivins ceiling mural. More to follow.

Home Theater

BEFORE - This shows the other end of the room. More images of the equipment and installation to come!

Wire Management

Wire management is an essential aspect of an installation. We code and tag each type of wire to make for fast and efficient troubleshooting for audio, video or component issues.

Acoustic Control

Control the acoustics inside your theater and diminish the sound outside the theater.

Acoustic panels add acoustic control, isolation and beauty to your theater.

Acoustic Control

Acoustic wall and ceiling treatments improve bass performance, dialog is clearer and sound effects more precisely located.
For detail on Ritz Interiors, visit their website.